Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Moving On

Well, with Bubby Day behind us, I guess it's time for someone (I guess it'll be me) to begin fulfill the second purpose of this blog, keep us all in touch.

As you may or may not know, Ali has started law school. So now you know. What you still may not know is that she's working nearly full time. Yes, that's right, she's working 30 hours a week and going to law school at night. At first she was working 40 hours a week, but it was overwhelming so she took a paycut and dropped her hours.

As for me, I'm now teaching Hebrew School at Bnai Shalom of Olney, a Conservative congregation about 20-30 minutes away from where we live in Silver Spring. I only just started this week, but it's been going well so far. This is part time stuff, and the hours are great. I don't think I could have done this last year, but with Ali not getting home until after 10 almost every night, I have nothing to do in the evenings anyway, and it's not much work, so I might as well drive an hour round-trip and get some money in my pocket while I look for a full time job.

By the way, on the topic of my job search, you may have heard that I was waiting for a security clearance to work as an Arabic translator for a government agency. I am no longer waiting for that clearance, because there were cutbacks in the program I was supposed to be going into.

On the plus side, I have had two interviews for a really interesting job with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. READ: No, I am NOT becoming an air traffic controller! I wish I had a dollar - well, make it 50 or 100 dollars - for every time I've been asked that question. It would be a communications job, involving a lot of writing and editing, which is another of my passions. The interviews seemed to go well, I think, so I'm being cautiously optimistic.

That's all from here, so please add your own lives to this blog.

As you all know, it's hard for all of us to keep in touch with any regularity, so this is a good way to just put your day or your week or your semi-significant events (one would hope the really significant stuff would be communicated directly by phone call or letter) out there for the rest of us to read about and know what's happening.

Shanah Tovah to all; may we all have a sweet, happy, healthy new year.

And remember, if anyone wants to be an administrator so you can invite someone else to join the blog, like a spouse or parent, just ask and it's yours. I just wanted to start with Bubby's grandchildren, since we are the ones who entitled her to her real name ("Ruth", "Mom" and "Gigi" are just her nicknames, obviously)!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reflecting On Bubby Day

In addition to Ali's premature start to Bubby Day, we had sundaes for lunch, and then we went to the zoo. After the zoo we found a Baskin Robbins. But this was not an ordinary Baskin Robbins. It was - wait, it was an ordinary Baskin Robbins! That's what was so exciting! It was a full 31-Flavors Baskin Robbins, unlike the now widespread combo Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins that have only the basic flavors (you know, your garden variety vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint-chocolate-chip, etc .) and a handful of specialty or trendy flavors.

The old-school solo Baskin Robbins outlets have the basic flavors and the specialty flavors and a broader range of in-between flavors, including my favorite flavor of all, Chocolate Fudge. I don't mean Chocolate; I don't mean Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I'm talking about Chocolate Fudge. Well, it's been very hard to come by in the current climate of combo-franchises.

But lo and behold! Right across the street from where we parked the car, a couple blocks down from the main entrance to the National Zoo in Washington, DC, there is an old-school Baskin Robbins, and among the 31 flavors they offer is my old friend, Chocolate Fudge! Oh baby!

I have had many sugar cones with a scoop or two of Chocolate Fudge at the Baskin Robbins at the corner of Greenfield and Lincoln, thanks to Bubby, and this was for me a perfect way to celebrate Bubby Day.

By the way, did anyone get a stomach ache? I'm surprised that I didn't. I guess it just goes to show how special of a day it really was. Oh, and I had Phish Food yesterday too. None today though. I think I've really had enough for this week.

Oh, and I think I figured out why Bubby would always have ice cream on her birthday. Baskin Robbins has a birthday club thingy, where you get free ice cream on your birthday. It is unclear if they actually check that it is really your birthday, or if it is possible to fake multiple birthdays. We're looking into that possibility ourselves. Guess we'll have to report back on that some other time.....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bubby day in Hawaii

Unfortunately Bubby's ice cream was closed because of the holiday. I didn't know they celebrated Bubby day too. I had to settle for ice cream at the sushi place. Mocha almond fudge. Doubling down on the chocolate, baby!

Bubby Day a day late

Well, I had ice cream yesterday, got some vanilla with fudge swirls and brownie chunks that sounded sooo good, and was really pretty mediocre, even with dulce de leche. Sooo I'm going out to Red Robin to have some sort of fancy milkshake.

Monday, September 04, 2006

How I Like To Remember Bubby

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well, I know it's early...

Well, I guess Bubby Day has officially begun.

Ali reached into the freezer and pulled out the vanilla ice cream that I had just bought for Bubby Day. I said, "You can't eat that yet! It's for Bubby Day!" Her response was completely true: "Bubby would want me to. She'd say, 'enjoy it!'"

Happy Bubby Day everyone.

First Annual Bubby Day and The Bubby Blog

In preparation for tomorrow, the first annual Bubby Day in memory of our Bubby, this blog was created for us cousins, Bubby's grandchildren.

This is the first post on The Bubby Blog, just to get things rolling. The general idea of this blog is for all of Bubby's grandchildren to be able to have a place to come to keep in touch and share any thoughts or memories about Bubby, and just close the gap that has been created by our geographic distance from one another.

Any of Bubby's grandchildren who request it can become administrators, and any administrator can invite anyone else to be a contributor.

Post on, everyone, and happy Bubby Day!