Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dreaming of Indignity

Here's the story. Last week I had a dream about my mom. The event really happened and I was remembering it in my sleep. For some reason it stuck in my memory and came out in a dream. I must not have understood it at the time. Or I was still working it out in the subconscious. Or else there was just a random electrical flash storm in my dream state. Who really knows? But it puzzled me that the scene returned. Maybe I felt a little embarrassed at the time. You know. Why yell at the lunch person about the imported juice? What power did that girl have to change the hospital's food ordering system? How, and whom, would it help to refuse the juice? *sigh*
Today I think about my mother's outraged indignation. It seemed ridiculously out of proportion to the lunch event. My mother was so sick, and THIS was the thing that upset her? Ah. Well, when you put it like that it makes more sense. "Life is out of control. I could be dying here. What else can I focus on? How can I express my outrage and indignation at being treated like this?"
My mom rocks.

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